Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

For Veterans Day this year, Amanda Lily's piano instructor asked her students to play patriotic pieces at our local convalescent home. She gave Amanda Lily the song "America the Beautiful" As she played her song, I looked around the room, and knew it blessed the retired Veteran's as much as it did me. I got a little misty eyed to see the way they all straightened up a bit when a child played the National anthem on the violin, some of them even singing along. It made them all so happy to see the children, and hear the patriotic songs they played. Each child had practiced their music for weeks, and it showed.
Afterward, we called Popa and thanked him for his service in the Air Force. We also sent him a little video clip Steven took of his sister playing. Here are some still shots I got with the camera. Happy Veteran's Day!

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