Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crazy Sock Day

Crazy sock day was today's theme for school spirit week. My pictures today are blurry and bad for some reason. Something strange has been going on with my camera. Not only did the kids wear their crazy socks to school, they also spent the entire afternoon in the gym watching a movie. They brought their sleeping bags and ate popcorn.

Another WAY COOL, SUPER FUN thing about today is that their cousin Maria from Greece got to spend the day in class with Steven. She's in 4th grade in Greece, and is going to write an essay to share with her classmates about the difference between school in Greece and America. Amanda Lily got to hang with Maria at recess and lunch, too. Steven said it was the coolest thing ever to have her in class with him. All his friends really liked her, and Mrs Roberts told me at pick up that she was very polite and kind and a joy to have in class. YEA!

Maria and Steven at the end of the day.

Christianna came with me to pick them up after school.

Heidi gave the girls matching french braids.

Crazy Socks

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