Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring at the Kountanis farm

Spring has sprung at Kountanis farm in the way of two new little friends. Baby boy (Buddy) and girl (Jewel). We hung out with them and our other animals yesterday after school. I love the experience our farm gives to our kids. They run around getting dirty, and all 3 of them adore the animals. Dominick the donkey is learning not to run from them as they approach him with horse treats. Steven asked me how long donkey's live. He said "I hate to think of the day when Dominick dies, because I just love him so much!" It's so funny to me because Steven takes him by the leash and walks the entire property with him like he's a dog.


Check out how they jump on their Mama

Feeding the chickens for Yia Yia


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