Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt!

The hunt was on this past weekend. I am a sister in the local ladies service league. We do a lot of fundraising events for charity throughout the year, and give scholarships to deserving seniors who are off to college. We also give scholarships to our public school teachers who need things for their classrooms, youth sports programs for kids who can't afford gear, and all kinds of other events in our hometown community. I joined this group of service minded ladies last year with my friend Trish. Along with the community service, we also like to have fun. Last year our team of four won the scavenger hunt, so we had the honor of planning this years. It was a hoot. We had the teams dress up and run around Lake county doing all sorts of crazy things. We had them taking pictures doing the YMCA at our local Y, and blowing bubble gum with strangers. They also had to take their picture in an elevator, and in a shower with shower caps on. Also fun was finding the Rocking Rabbit and taking a picture with him, and buying a rose and giving it to a stranger. And, find buy one get one coupons, then buy non perishables to donate to our local food bank. My personal favorite was that we had a meeting spot which was revealed with the clues where the hunters had to unroll a frozen t shirt and put it on. It was so funny watching how creative they all got in getting the T shirt to open up. I wish I had the pics of them at all the stops, but they have them on their team cameras.
For the winners, we gave out gift certificates to each team member to Cheesecake Factory. It was lots of fun to help plan and execute the hunt this year, but honestly, I can't wait til next years hunt, so I can play to win!!!!

Here are the teams

                                           Team Cute Things 1-4
                                             Team Charlies Angels
                                                     Team Stealthy
The Winers....Chardonnay, Merlot, and Chianti

Frozen T shirt was my favorite activity! PULL!!!!!

They found the lighthouse!

Team Cute Things 1-4 WON! Cheesing with their $25 gift cards

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