Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bieber Fever!

Our friends, who also happen to be our next door neighbors, called me with a fun proposition. They had 4 tickets to the Justin Bieber concert, and wondered if Amanda Lily and I wanted to go. Honestly, Amanda Lily is not at the age of being boy crazy yet, but she has always liked JB's pop music. I hadn't been to a concert in YEARS so I thought, what the heck? The four of us had a BLAST. I have to admit, the kid put on a great show! I could have done without the thousands of screaming tween girls, but the show itself was lots of fun. His dancers and lights were amazing. At one point while we were waiting for him to come onstage, Amanda Lily and Anna started the wave. It was so funny because they were relentless about getting it started, and before long, the entire Amway Arena was rocking the wave. Our girls thought it was the coolest thing, and we heard about it the entire ride home. Since the concert, Amanda Lily and I have been jammin to  JB's music. We've also decided to become concert buddies with Misty and Anna, and are looking forward to our next big girls night out. Taylor Swift anyone?

Before the concert, the girls made posters. Security took them away from us at the entry of the Amway, and added them to a huge pile. We told them that they took the posters to Justin after the concert. 

Here they are at the entrance of the arena strutting their stuff.

I might seem like an old lady, but these earplugs were a life saver. All four of us wore them the entire concert, and were sooooooo happy we had them. The decibels of tween girls screams was just too much for our ears.

Afterwards, we bought both girls matching Believe Tshirts. Of course, they had to put them on that instant, because they were believers for sure! 

I left that night with the biggest smile. It was Amanda Lily's first ever concert, and I was there to share in the fun. I hope she will always look back on it as fondly as I do. Thanks for the great memories JB!

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