Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was a blast for us. It was very low key. We had friends and family, and a bunch of kiddie's! I was very surprised at how well the children all stayed up without completely falling apart! Which, they were all vamped up on chocolate fondue and Uncle George's fireworks! Seriously people, I can't believe the fireworks that were in my backyard. Our neighbors must have LOVED us that night! (: George traveled over to Daytona to get them to the same spot he has been buying fireworks since we lived over there 9 years ago. They were beautiful. Not talkin Disney, but definitely better than Venetian Gardens on July 4th. We also had sparklers that were fun. I lost it laughing at Dan playing around with the sparklers. He and Jessica somehow became the designated sparkler lighters. The kids couldn't get to them fast enough. It was a great time. The fondue was soooooo fun. I really enjoyed making it up, and it was yummy. I am thinking of doing a Valentine's fondue party for the kids and a few friends. (That was supposed to happen last year, but my kids got seriously sick, and we cancelled) Anyhow, it is a great idea for those of you who have small kids. Little effort is involved, and what kid doesn't like fondue???? My prayer is that all who read this have a blessed 2009.

ps..I have a prayer request for my pregnant friends. Please pray for them. Their names are Hannah, Natalie, and Jennifer. All three have amazing pregnancy stories, and are needing prayer for strength.

Love to all.


Trish said...

ok, I'm craving fondue now so yes, you should do another fondue party ;) looks beautiful as always

Deborah said...

Whew...i just read your New years and Christmas blogs! You WERE a busy girl! But you made lots of wonderful memories that you'll keep forever...that's way better than any present! :)