Monday, February 27, 2012

Au Revoir Mrs Keating

Our ballet school wished Au Revoir to one of it's founding instructors. Mrs Keating is retiring and moving back to Boston to live closer to family. She will be dearly missed by her students.

One of the other ballet moms asked me to help plan the goodbye party. There were 3 of us planning, along with Mrs Wheeler, the ballet school owner/director. We had 8 days to pull it all together. I thought it ended up being a lovely party. Mrs Keating was especially touched, and felt the love and well wishes.
In hindsight, I am so glad to have helped. I had lots of fun with Jennifer and Melanie, and I was happy with the sense of community that I got from the experience.

Amanda Lily has been at her dance school since she was 3 years old, and she looks up to the older dancers, and the tiny girls look up to her. It 's a great scene because all of the dancers are so kind, well mannered, and poised. My girl would spend every waking hour at the ballet school if I would let her. I hope that attitude lasts, because when she is an older girl, there is no place I'd rather her be than preoccupied with dance.

            These girls were our helpers the day before the party
                                             Ballet Pink Tulips
                        Older dancers making Mrs Keating's banner
                      Frozen water balloons to keep the water cold
                                                     Party Planners
                                                       Dance friends

                                             Au Revoir Mrs Keating!

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