Friday, February 17, 2012

Do we eat with our eyes?

This was the question my 9 year old set out to answer in his first ever Science fair. I felt it was easy enough that he could do most of the research on his own, and being that we have unlimited access to a restaurant with tons of patrons who LOVED to help us with his was a good fit.
Steven started with google. He learned a lot about early humans eating with their eyes as a survival mechanism. We also both learned something new. When was the last time you ate something blue? Probably a LONG time ago, unless you were eating something artificial, or a blueberry (that happens to be closer to purple), or unless you happened upon the very rare blue potato. You see, there are very few things found in nature that are food and are blue. So, it comes natural for us to shy away from eating anything blue. We stick more to reds, oranges, and greens. This makes perfect sense when you think about it, because think of all the foods you find in nature that are these colors. To prove his point, Steven did a test on patrons at the restaurant using blue and red jello. He gave them the choice, then asked why they chose that particular color to eat. Then of course, he let the patron have the jello as dessert. Most people did chose to eat the red jello, and the ones who chose the blue all said it was because it was their favorite color.
He also had them choose between a lovely plated lasagna, and a lasagna he took a fork and mushed all together. Not one person chose the mushed lasagna over the beautiful one. So, he learned of course that eating does begin with the eyes. It was a simple enough project that he had lots of fun with, and I didn't have to do all the work for him. I did help him by making gentle suggestions for the board, but he did all the other work on his own. He even drew his chart for the board.
Mrs Roberts told me he was a great speaker, and gave a very informative presentation to the Judges. She also said how when the other classes came in to see the projects, Steven had kids hudlled around his project while he was explaining it. And, that their were so many of them that they had to raise their hands to ask him questions!
He will find out next week what his grade is and who was awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Of course as his Mom, I think he deserves the blue ribbon, but I'm biased. Regardless of if he even places or not, I am so proud of him and his efforts.

                                          measuring to make jello

                                            which would you prefer?

at the Science Fair with his completed project

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