Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mental Health Day

We allow the kids to have one "mental health day" per school year. Between keeping their grades up and extra curricular activities, they work hard! Our second semester just wrapped up, so we are at the half way point for school. I figured about now would be a good time for a break.

Monday was Amanda Lily's day. We had plans for a girls only trip to Disney with our friends Trish and Grace, but Grace came down with strep, so it became a Mommy/Daughter day. The weather was beautiful, and my girl was all smiles as we headed past her school and towards Orlando. We sang "It's a small world" right when drove through the Disney gates. It's a cheesy thing that we have done since the kids were itty bitty. The place was empty. We went to fast pass Space Mountain, and the greeter told us to just get in line, because there was no line! We walked right onto the ride. We did every ride she wanted, and had a yummy lunch at Cinderella's castle. It was the best meal I've ever had a Disney. The short ribs and almond cheesecake were wonderful. Amanda Lily had the best time taking pictures with the Princesses, and riding all the girly rides. Not that we don't love our boys, but it was nice for it to be just us. Being that she'll be 8 at her next birthday, I know my days of her living in a fairy tale are numbered. So I am doing my best to relish this time with my little princess.
                        Amanda Lily's face after Space Mountain
                                                        Us being silly
                                                  Her and Cinderella.....

                                                  Sleeping Beauty
                                                    Snow White

                                           and her all time fav Belle.

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