Friday, May 25, 2012

Spring Garden 2012

This years garden is a bit different. Instead of planting our usual spring vegetables, we decided to plant trees. I also bought a bag of flower seeds and just sprinkled them all around the garden. I'm not sure if that was a great choice though because now I have no idea if the sprouts coming up are weeds or flowers! I'll have my mom decipher the difference for me when she's over.

We planted a pear and peach tree. Both of them are hybrids for a Florida climate, so hopefully with a little TLC we will have some fruit in a year or two. We planted them next to our lemon tree.

Also, this is the first year our fig tree is producing fruit....and LOTS of it. Steven is super excited about that because he loves figs. We have a fig tree at our family home in Greece that he enjoys plucking the fruit off and eating. A few summers ago after returning home, he missed the figs, so we planted a tree. The figs haven't matured yet, but they are there, and we are doing our best to protect them from bugs and pests who want them for a snack. I'll come back with a report of how they taste in a few weeks.

Steven has always been a big help in the spring garden, but this year, he was especially helpful. He helped me pull all the weeds from the overgrown space, then dug both holes for the fruit trees. He and George planted the trees, and built wells to water them in.

Hopefully in a few years, we can come back and see these pictures and note how much these trees have grown.

Roxy was interested in what Steven was doing.

This is "Mr. Fig"

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