Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Break on the Mountain Top

This year, we went back up to the mountains with the Buffkin family. We had a wonderful, relaxing time. Trish's parent's, Carl and Patsy, were our hosts, and they were awesome. My favorite part of the trip was our girls only trip to The Biltmore. Trish, Ms. Patsy, Amanda Lily, and I had a wonderful lunch at a tea room. At Biltmore, Amanda Lily was in awwwww. We went from room to room, and she listened to her headset with interest. She loved the idea that we were in a real castle.

Back on the mountain top,we went on nature hikes, rode four wheelers, and learned how to build a fire out of nothing but sticks! We all took turns shooting our guns. George wanted me to practice with mine, and it was a good thing, because I kept jamming it. Now we know that I actually do better with the bigger one!

Trish and I shared the cooking duties, and I really enjoyed my time in the kitchen with her. She and I are cut of the same cloth as they say, and we are definitely in our element in the kitchen together. Add a martini to the mix, and it's a PARTY. Ha!

Another highlight was Easter Sunday. It was so laid back, and enjoyable. The morning started with Easter baskets for the kiddos. We all were dressed and at church early enough to enjoy breakfast made by the locals. This is quite a feat being that we had 5 children under 8 to get together. The church we attended is Trish's parents church when they are on the Mountain. It was very small, no, I meant very very very small. There were maybe 10 others in attendance besides our crew. I somehow got wrangled into singing a duet with Mr. Carl (Trish's Dad) in church that morning. We sang acappello because the pianist couldn't transpose the song to the key we wanted it in. I was so happy that I sang though. It made for another great memory. I recall there being one moment in church that morning when I became a little overcome with emotion. The Minister lead the congregation in an old hymn, and it really touched me, because I thought of Nannie. I thought of it being her first Easter in Heaven, and I wondered if she was singing up there. I could'nt keep the tears from coming down my face. George slipped his arm around me, because he knew what I was thinking without my even telling him.

After church, we all went back up the mountain for an Easter Egg Hunt, and a late lunch. George and I made Lamb (Greek Style) on the spit. I was so happy with how it turned out. Delicious!The kids had a fun time hunting eggs on the sloping front lawn. I caught Steven in a sweet moment. Amanda Lily was upset because she didn't have many eggs in her basket. So, he split his with her, and counted them so that they would each have the same amount. Such a good heart that boy.
It was a wonderful getaway. The only negative thing that happened was Amanda Lily throwing up what seemed like a gazillion times from being car sick. I felt so bad for her. Next time, we will fly.

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