Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Nouno!

Amanda Lily's Greek Godfather celebrated a big birthday this year. His Mom called us to ask if we could make the trip over to their home in New Smyrna to attend the surprise party. We were so happy to do it. This was back on May 2nd, but being that I am home with Steven making his recovery, I figured, I could catch up on things I've been meaning to blog. Their home is gorgeous, and behind it, they have a working farm. One of the Lambs had just had babies, and had rejected two of them. So, they were keeping them and caring for them. They let Steven and Amanda Lily bottle feed them, and play around the house with them. They were ADORABLE. Oh my goodness....I wanted to bring one home. They had such personalities.
Notice the Dorothy get up Amanda Lily was wearing. Thank goodness that they went swimming, because afterwards, I convinced her to put on her real clothes before the other party guests arrived. She was all about wearing her wizard of oz costume, and having "Breena", her doll, wear the matching one. Thank you Nana for making these creations. They couldn't make a little girl happier!

Amanda Lily got to help present Demo (Godfather) with his cake. That is a Greek tradition. She really loves him so much. It was a fun filled night with lots of delicious food and family.

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Jeanne said...

I love that you let Amanda Lily do teh Dorthy thing! I am the same way. They'll only want those kind of things for a short while :) Good to catch up on all your stories!