Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to the Barre

Amanda Lily and I were so excited to go to her first Ballet class of the season today. There are a lot of changes for her this year. She's moved up to a new "big dancer" studio, has a new Instructor, a new purple leotard, and now she gets to go twice a week. Her favorite part of class today was getting fitted for the white waistband. She says it signifies that she is a "big dancer." And, now that she is one of the "big dancers", she will be involved in a lot more during the course of the year. Her class of 15 friends are all familiar faces, and one new addition, Ella. Amanda Lily has know Ella since she was 3, and was happy to see Ella there waiting for her at the door when we arrived.

Her new Instructor, Mrs. Wheeler has big plans for the class as far as learning this ballet season. Each dancer has her own binder that has information on classical ballet that is added after each lesson. I love that now she gets to use her mind in her dance, and put together the names of each pose and step.

Another big excitement is that her friend Grace has started at MDSB, and so has her little cousin, Sophie. Having both these little ones at the same dance school is going to make the recitals even more F-U-N! I can't wait to see what this year of dance brings.
                                                 Amanda Lily and Ella
                                                  Ready and waiting
                                                     Buns in a row
                                                        Being fitted

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