Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mini Me

At her annual well check, Amanda Lily's Pediatrician told us we needed to go see an Opthamologist. Lucky for us, we have one as a neighbor, so we went yesterday to see "Mr Brian" at his office. She was a trooper! She loved all the gadgets and was super curious about how everything worked. The Doctor was incredibly patient and explained each step as they went. Mr Brian even let her come with him as he put her prescription in the newly picked frames. Picking the frames was another story all together. She wanted metal....I said NO. I told her she could chose from any of the plastic, sturdy frames. Before you think I was being a mean ol mama, there were at least 10 different plastic styles to chose from, and I didn't want to end up with broken glasses the first week of having them. The ones she chose....I LOVE. She turned around in them, and my hubs started laughing out loud, because she looks JUST LIKE ME! George said, "are those the ones, Amanda Lily?" She just smiled. They have hot pink stars on the sides and a rim of hot pink around the frame to make them a bit more sassy than mine, but the shape is the same. After all, we didn't want her to look too grown up.
She was a bit excited about them yesterday, but this morning over breakfast, she got a little teary. Not because she doesn't like them, but because she said "I feel like a new Amanda Lily and I like the old Amanda Lily" I told her I understood what she means, and that she is still the same exact Amanda Lily as before. I also told her that she could put her glasses in her backpack and wear them only when the Teacher is teaching from the board. She is near sided (just like me) and is supposed to wear them all the time. I know she will warm up to them, but I know my girl.....she will do it on her own terms. If I tell her she has no choice, it will be a constant battle from now until the end of time. If I let her slowly adapt to the change, she will eventually wear them all the time without my even asking.
Here are a couple of snaps I took of her yesterday. I want for George to get one of us together with our glasses on, and I'll re post it later. She said the best thing about getting glasses is that now she and mommy are really twins. Melt my heart!

                                               rock stars on the sides

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