Monday, September 5, 2011

Yia Yia's Birthday and "Amanda's" Name Day

Today we got together to have a little family party to celebrate Yia Yia's birthday. This week also happened to be her Name Day, so we made it a joint celebration by having a separate cake for the "Amanda's" in the family. The Greek tradition is that you celebrate your "Name Day" on the day of your patron Saint that you are named after. Point being, all the Amanda's in Greece share the same Name Day and celebrate that day as their own. We have a cousin in Greece named Amanda (who is my other daughter in my heart), as well as my Mother in Law, and of course my girl, Amanda Lily. So, as they say in Greek.... cronia pola and many many years of life love and happiness to these special Amanda's in my life. I LOVE you all so very much.

                          Amanda Lily in her traditional Greek Girl costume
Amanda Lily made a purse for Yia Yia's birthday

                                              Yia Yia's Birthday Cake
And here are some snaps with our other "daughter" Amanda
                                              Doesn't she fit right in?
                               I love her so much she may as well be mine!
                                                Happy Name Day Girls!

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