Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Home Decor

Last year at season's end, I purchased these beautiful autumn garlands and wreath on 75% clearance at It was hard to get them in the mail then put them away for almost a year, but exciting to get them out last week for fall decorating. I know it is technically still summer, and the weather surely doesn't feel like fall, but come September 1, I can't hold out any longer! I just can't help myself. I actually get giddy breaking out the fall sterilite tubs. Am I crazy? So, here's what my fall mantle and sideboard look like. I am such a home girl. Many of my closest friends and relatives would rather do anything than stay at home and cook or decorate, but not me. I enjoy it so much I look forward to it! I see all kinds of other fall decor on blogs I follow.....what about you guys? Any of you in my circle use decorating as a creative outlet?

               I found this subway art on "Betty Crocker Wanna Be" Blog

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