Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Name Day Stavros

A few posts ago, I did a shout out to all the "Amanda's" in my life. Today was our son Steven's turn to celebrate his Greek heritage by honoring his Greek Name Day. If you are wondering what a name day is, check out my post from a last week.

With all we have going on these days, it's hard to squeeze anything extra in. But, George came up with the idea that we just all meet up after school for some frozen yogurt in honor of Steven's day. Anyone else LOVE Hi Five FroYo? Yum.

Steven is named for his Grandfather Stavros. His name translated is Stavros, and he is actually called by his Greek name by all of our Greek side of the family. Honestly, I wasn't so sure about it at first, because I didn't want him to be teased by other kids, but now am so glad we kept with Greek tradition and gave him the name. I think both Steven and Stavros suits his personality very well, and he is so PROUD of his name. He's even gone as far as to ask his classmates to call him "Stavros" is a BIG celebration over in Greece, because there are tons of Stavros over there! We are celebrating my Father in Law, our son, and our little cousin Stavros too. We called my Father in Law (Papou') earlier today to wish him a Happy Name Day, and he was hosting a party at our family home in Greece. He told me all that he was cooking, and I got a little twinge in my heart to be there. Not only for the name day celebration and food, but also the family, and just the laid back culture of Greece. It wasn't our turn to go last summer, but this coming summer is. I can't wait to see all of our family and friends again.

Happy Name Day to all you Stavros.......

The following photos are from our last trip. This is from a day trip we took with Papou' up to our families "mountain house" I thought I would include them to give an idea of why I am missing Greece so much! I bet it is about 60 degrees up there on that mountain top right now.

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