Saturday, October 29, 2011

Class Halloween Parties

This year's class parties were so much fun! Mrs Roberts allowed 4th Grade to dress up as their favorite book character. Steven went as a Military Commando from his book "US Navy Seals, an inside look." His class took the responsibility of party planning into their own hands, so I didn't have too much work to do. They broke the class up into committee's (Food, Decorating, and Entertainment). Each committee was responsible to plan and organize, right down to drafting and printing up letters to send home requesting specific items for parents to send in. We were asked to send in Rice Krispie Treats, so we dipped them in chocolate and sprinkles to doll them up a bit. The class had a blast playing "Mummy Wrap." They broke into teams and wrapped a friend in toilet paper, and then Mrs Roberts chose the best looking Mummy. The craft was fingerprint stamping. The kids were all so proud of the way the party turned out.

                                  Even the class pet got a party favor
                                                    Fingerprint craft
                                          Classroom Door Decor HA!
               Mrs Roberts was a teacher who turned students into apples!

In Amanda Lily's class, Ms Bierlien made cupcakes and rice krispies. Amanda Lily and I brought in "Mummy Dogs" which were just hot dogs wrapped up like mummies. They were a huge hit, and super easy to make. Honestly, these get a ZERO on my nutrition scale, but they got an A for cuteness! They each chose a small pumpkin out of the class pumpkin patch, then decorated them with markers. They watched "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and had special treats. She really wanted to wear a costume, but I explained to her that not all teachers have the same idea of what makes a fun time. Her class is twice the size of Steven's, so I can understand how it might be harder to keep the kids under control in costumes. Anyhow, she had a fun time after taking her spelling and memory tests. Seeing how her face lights up when I come into the classroom, never gets old. It makes me so happy. Happy Halloween!
                                       Amanda Lily's pick of the patch
                                                        Mummy Dogs

                                          Aww Charlie Brown....a classic

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