Friday, October 14, 2011

Monday Night Football.....Go Bucs!

We picked the kids up from school on Monday, and were both wearing our Tampa Bay jerseys. George had his Bucs flags flying from the Hummer, and the kids jerseys were each laid out in their seats. We had a surprise we had been keeping from them......we were heading to the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME!!!!!! This would be Amanda Lily's first experience in a football stadium, so we were glad the game didn't start until 8:00. When George asked the kids if they were ready to go to the game, Steven looked like a deer caught in headlights. His reaction was priceless......he started laughing and crying at the same time. He was so overwhelmed that he literally didn't know what to do with himself. LOL!
The game was amazing. All of our favorite old players and coaches were there including Derek Brooks, Tony Dungee, and Jon Gruden. When the players were anounced, the kids jumped up and down and cheered and danced. The excitement was palpable. We were 2 rows from the field on the 30 yard line of our teams sideline.....awesome seats. We had a great time cheering and giving high fives with all the fans. There was even this one sweet looking Grandmother a couple of seats down from us who didn't like a lot that she was seeing. So, to my great surprise, she started letting the referee's know just how she felt. It was pretty funny to us that the fans who sat in front of us who were decked out in their pirate gear and face paint weren't nearly as vocal as the sweet looking Granny. The kids just covered their ears. We had prepped them before hand that they may see and hear some colorful things. Amanda Lily jumped out of her seat when they started playing "Party Rock Anthem." It is her current favorite, so she was rockin it.
We didn't leave the stadium until midnight, and pulled into our driveway around 3 a.m. We made so many fun memories that night.....a night we will none soon forget. GO BUCS!

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