Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome to the neighborhood

We have new neighbors. We spied from our window as they were moving in, and noticed they had a little girl. Amanda Lily immediately hatched a plan that we should go check our mailbox, which happens to be directly across the street from their house. (Neighborhood Cluster Box) The Mom saw us, and yelled from across the street "Well, Hello new neighbors!" (My kinda girl, friendly) Her name is Shea and her daughters name is Karleigh. They have two other kids, a little boy who's 5 and a brand new baby girl.
I put together a welcome to the neighborhood gift and had Steven and Amanda Lily walk it over with me one afternoon. On the way back, Amanda Lily offered "Mommy, do you think I should have a welcome to the neighborhood tea party for Karleigh?" OH. MY. You know what they say about the apple and the tree? Needless to say, I supported the idea and helped out by making the tea party foods and special tea for the girls. Amanda Lily got to work on the invitations. She invited our other neighbor, Annaleise, who is also the same age. We stopped by their houses the next morning on our way to school, and dropped off the invitations. After school, Amanda Lily went upstairs to her room and decorated. She placed a crown at the place setting of both her guests, and strung beads over her chandelier. We walked our little culdasac picking up each girl.
All 3 girls were giddy with excitement. Honestly, I was too. I remember walking the tea tray up the stairs to her bedroom, and thanking God for the precious innocence of these girls. I took lots of pictures of them in their fancy dresses, and was thinking how maybe one day I can show them to the girls as young women. Just look at these sweet faces.

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