Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin patch arrives at church

The annual church pumpkin patch is now open for business. This was another H-O-T day. I took the kids straight over to the church after school, so we were there during the hottest part of the day. George and a few of his friends were already there unloading the full sized tractor trailer worth of pumpkins and gourds when we arrived. It was quite an undertaking to get all of those pumpkins onto crates and into bins. I was so proud of my boys though. George unloaded countless crates worth of large pumpkins and Steven unloaded an entire bin full of the smaller sized pumpkins and gourds. After all that hard work, I couldn't get any decent pictures because they were all sweaty and grimy.  We took a trip over to High Five for frozen yogurt treats to cool them down. Every time we drive by on our way to Target, or go to church, Steven see's the reward of his hard work......A BEAUTIFUL PUMPKIN PATCH. Good job Dad for leading by example, and teaching him the importance of volunteering and service.

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