Thursday, August 12, 2010

Attention Teacher Friends!!!!

Hi Gals. Since I know a few of you are Teachers, I need to pick your brains. Could any of you please give me some ideas on what to bring to "Meet the Teacher" night. I've seen tons of great ideas online, but I would like to know what gifts are really meaningful to you. I do not like giving Chotchky knick knack stuff. HELP!

PS...any of you who are not Teachers, who have a great idea, please feel free to share as well.


Jeanne said...

Girl, I'm crazy about cute little note pads, sparkle or colorful pens, cute pencils, stickers, fresh flowers( nothing extravagant), candy (that may just be a Jeanne thing), kid made anything, but what I plan to do is write a note to Josie's teacher letting her know how much it means that she's Josie's teacher and a bunch of mushy trusting you with my baby stuff b/c I know God placed her under her care for 7 hours a day for a reason...Hope this helps

Trish Buffkin said...

I second the note pads. Saw some that were personalized for teacher notes to go home.