Sunday, August 8, 2010

Introducing "Meli"

Here is our newest family member....."Meli" She is a sweet Golden Retriever puppy that our family has been looking forward to since our beloved Zoey passed away. She brings to our family all things that puppies bring, and has been a joy to have around. Of course, I'm not so excited about the training parts, but it comes with the territory. Amanda Lily wanted to name her "honey", but it just didn't seem quite right to me, so I racked my pea brain. "Meli" is the Greek translation to the word honey. Being that Zoey was a Greek word meaning "life", Meli is the perfect name. Honey=Meli!!!
Being that Zoey was officially Amanda Lily's dog, we thought it only fair that she choose our next puppy. She knew she wanted another female Golden, so we set out to find her. The grainy photo is the one I shot just as Amanda Lily approached the breeders crate. They had 6 males and 3 females, and George and I are solid believers in letting the dog choose you. Well, when that puppy jumped up at Amanda Lily, we were both crossing our fingers that it was a female, and turns out it was. That was our first meeting with Meli. She was practically jumping out of the crate trying to get into Amanda Lily's arms, while all the other's just did their puppy thing.
At this very moment, she is lying beside the front door sleeping next to our German Shepard. AWWWWWWW she is just so darn cute!

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Trish Buffkin said...

Meli, Meli, Meli. She is so sweet, just like her name.