Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve was spent at our church's candlelight service, followed by dinner at our home. My parents, brother, and friend Heather joined us. I sang in the ensemble again this year, and organized our church's childrens choir. The kids did great! I was so proud of them all. They sang Away in a Manger and Silent Night. I got a little chocked up while their sweet voices sang Silent Night, and the adults passed around the light, lighting everyone's candles. It was a simple act, but resonated with me in the fact that it was indeed the night we celebrate Christ's birth. Thank you God for your unspeakable gift.

                                        Hot Cocoa at the kids table

Me and one of my favorite people on earth......Heather. I was so happy that she could join us. Our friendship means so much to me during the year. It was so nice to have her at Christmas. This was another great memory we will share.

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