Monday, December 19, 2011

Football Awards Ceremony

Even though our football season is LONG over, the league just held the awards ceremony. Steven was so excited to go on stage and get his first football trophy. It was a much earned trophy! He and some of his team mates went to the restaurant afterwards to present Coach George with his plaque. (It is now proudly on display at the restaurant) One of the kids on the team even wrote George a thank you card, and get this...put a $10 bill in it. I can imagine it was from his allowance, and is a lot coming from a kid. George teared up when he opened the card and the money fell out because he knew that boy probably saved up in order to express his gratitude to him.
Needless to say, with all the time commitment it took of our family, George will be coaching again next year. He thoroughly enjoyed those boys, and the bonds he made with them. We are hoping to get the majority of them back on our team again, and to hear them tell it, we will. They all talked of how they can't wait to play 8 months!!!!! Congratulations to both the Kountanis boys for all of your hard work, and new bling to add to the trophy case. GO BULLDOGS!

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