Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trish's Gingerbread Party

My close friend Trish has a Mom only gingerbread house decorating party every Christmas season. It is the one event I flat refuse to miss, as I enjoy myself so much. A few ladies gather at her house for a lite dinner and cocktails, then the decorating begins. The food, fun, and friendship all add up to a wonderful evening.
It is also super fun that a couple of days later, Trish's daughter Grace invites Amanda Lily over and they make gingerbread houses of their own out of the abundance of left over candies. Mine and Amanda Lily's gingerbread houses each perch on our table until after Christmas. However, they have a few pieces missing by now.........

Here are our houses side by side. Keep in mind that she wasn't there when I made mine, and I wasn't there when she made hers. Check out how similar the placement of candies are!

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