Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Orchestra

You know how "they" say "Don't live your life through your kids?" I do my best not to. If Steven said he didn't want to play another down of football, I'd do a dance because then I wouldn't have to worry so much. If Amanda Lily said she no longer wanted to do ballet, I'd be heartbroken, but I'd immediately honor her wishes. When it comes to extra curricular stuff, I give them the freedom of choices. However, as of last year, I established a bit of a "because I said so" attitude about MUSIC. I let them choose any instrument, but it is not optional. They play something. So far, I haven't had much backlash, and they both are enjoying their drums and piano.
Steven's school had a real treat in store for the parents of the upper grade kids....A Christmas Orchestra. Steven was so proud of himself and his band mates. They played several songs, and he did 5 separate percussion instruments. Bells, Chimes, Tambourine, Cymbals, and Snare drum were all his parts. The kids played their young hearts out. It was interesting, and I was on the 3rd row, completely unprepared. Can anyone say inappropriate laughter? Those Tubas really took me by surprise! Have you ever been in church, and you know your not supposed to laugh, but you just get going and have a hard time composing yourself? I think the last time something like that happened to me I was 17. Anyhow, after I got a grip, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Steven doing his percussion. Next time, I'll be sitting in the back.
Later on at dinner, Steven said to me, "Hey Mom, I think we really saved the best song for last. I think that one could even give the Florida Gators marching band a run for it's money. Don't you think?" I smiled and said, "You sure could have babe."

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