Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Out the door at 7:30, off to the 2nd and 4th grades. I got a little teary as I pulled away from the school. I wonder if that will ever go away? I mean, once they are in like high school, will I still want to cry on their first day? I can't wait to pick them up to see how it went.

I drove straight to LOWE'S. I have to keep myself busy so that the quiet house doesn't drive me insane. I have 6 weeks til I go back to work. That gives me plenty of time to get done all those projects around the house. I seem to have a million ideas of things I'd like to do. I am a domestic girl at heart. I love to take care of and decorate my home. Today, I gave my front porch a good freshening. Spiders and bugs had all sorts of messes made in the corners of our entry. As I sprayed them down with the hose I was thinking of how they would make lovely Halloween decor, but then I checked myself thinking "nice try girl, don't be lazy."
I bleached my planters, doors, and doormats of all the mildew. Then I planted the mums and coleus I purchased at Lowe's in the window boxes.
I love Mums...they always make me feel like FALL. So, since I had the fall feeling, I went ahead and broke out the fall wreaths for the front doors. Next, I'm going to put on a pot of mulling spices, then get started on a deep clean of the kids activity room. Maybe now it will stay clean since they are out of the house!

Next up....the dining room to piano room transformation!

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