Saturday, August 20, 2011

Steven's 1st Football Game!

What an exciting day! The day started with me waking to an all too early alarm. Saturdays are usually sleep-in days around here, but as I walked out of my bedroom door, I came upon a site I'll never forget. George was sitting on the coffee table, Steven in the club chair in his uniform. They were facing each other, George had him by both hands, their heads both bowed. George was praying out loud, a prayer for protection over our son.(I tear up to type it.) It was a precious, tender moment between Father and Son, that I was lucky to stumble upon on my way to the coffee pot. They were out the door a few moments later, while Amanda Lily and I were left to dress ourselves in our Bulldog gear, and meet them at the field in 30 mins. Nana and Popa came as well, and we met up with Heather and Mia at the field.

Today's game was a scrimmage, the equivalent to a preseason game in NFL. It didn't count in the record books, and thank goodness because despite the excellent effort made by our team, we lost. And once again, we find ourselves learning some of life's toughest lessons.

1. Just because you worked extra hard, there is always someone who is better than you.
2. Good sportsmanship includes knowing how to lose gracefully.
3. Teamwork is key, you win together, you lose together.
4.Those who love you will still love you even if you lose, and be there to lift your spirits when you need it most.

Another key lesson Steven learned is how to work for something you want. You see, as a "rookie", Steven was told he was second string, and would have limited playing time on the field. He was devastated and called himself a "bench warmer." Well, within the last 3 weeks of practice, he has really worked hard at his position as an Offensive Split End. He worked so hard in fact, that he won the starting position, and also got a starting position on Defense as a Defensive Tackle. Because he had to work for it, now it's even sweeter. *Oh, and a quick disclaimer. Even though George is a coach, it is not a democracy. The head coach makes all decisions on which kid gets the starting position. The other coaches have no input, because all 3 of them have sons on the team. One thing I've learned is that these Lake County people are SERIOUS about their football. The coach makes his best effort to do what it takes for our team to win, so there is no playing favorites.

We all had SO MUCH FUN out there. We were melting in the heat the whole time, but we still cheered and supported our boy. Honestly, I haven't been very happy with how football has encompassed our lives, and taken away from our "family time." Today made it all worth it. He is so happy out there. As a Mom, seeing that smile makes it worth the time, effort, extra praying, and sweat running down my back at practices and games. And besides, we are still having family time, just on a football field. Hey, at least we are all together, cause that's just how we roll.

Prepare for picture overload....I went a little crazy because it was his first ever game. He's #27 if you can pick him out amongst all the players.

                    ALL SMILES BEFORE THE GAME
                    NERVOUS MOM......PROUD DAD
                       AMANDA LILY'S HAIR BOW
                       JUST BEFORE FIRST SNAP
                    DEFENSIVE STANCE UP CLOSE
                               ACTION SHOT
                                GO BULLDOGS!!!!

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