Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Nine Promise

Steven has begged me for the past 5 years to play tackle football. My answer has always been "i promise I'll let you when you are 9" I guess 9 was the number because my brother played tackle football as a 9 year old boy.
I tried my very best to get Steven to be interested in any other sport. We've tried soccer, basketball, baseball, and tennis. None of them were his sport. Anyhow, this year he turned 9 and immediately said he was most excited that he could finally play football. I told him that the only way I was making good on the nine promise was if he could convince his Dad to coach. I somehow feel better about Steven being out there with George. It has been a fun adventure for both of them, and I've seen a shift in their relationship. I don't know if it happens to all boys around this age, but Steven is really starting to look up to his Dad, and looks to him for advice in a deeper way. It's almost as if he is moving closer to George, and further away from me. Kind of like he is becoming more of a man. I don't have the right words here, but hopefully you all get what I mean. He's still my sweet and loving boy, but he's no longer the "mama's boy" he has always been. George and I just the other day said a prayer together that God would give George the right words to say to Steven, as his Dad. He is learning "life lessons" everyday, and we feel like it's a crucial time in his life. A time he will most likely look back on as a man and remember just what his Dad said. Situations are coming up weekly. Stuff he needs to learn how to handle, and how to act appropriately.
He is happier than ever playing football. It is a HUGE commitment for our entire family. Practices this past two weeks have been every evening, for 2 hours! It is HOT out there, and the league is being very careful with the kids. He is loving all aspects of the sport. One of his closest friends and our next door neighbor, Josh is also playing. They are both "rookies" and are excited about the season. I'll keep you all posted on how the season goes. The first game is in a couple of weeks! GO BULLDOGS!

PS...for all you former cheerleaders, Amanda Lily was signed up to cheer, but unfortunately, cheer practice is the same 2 nights a week as ballet. When given the option of the two, she chose ballet hands down. She is super committed to her ballet, so maybe in a few years she can do both!

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