Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mitey Mite Football Game

Here are the photos from our football game this morning. Steven didn't get hurt, and that's really what matters most to me. LOL. George had a really bad dream the other night that he got badly hurt, and it's bothered him most of the week. Steven did have a couple of hard hits put on him today, but it was only because he was out there getting at the other teams quarterback. He was so proud of himself when he sacked him. He came up bobbing his head up and down like "YEA-YEH".  I almost came out of my own skin yelling and cheering for him. I L-O-V-E football, and to see Steven out there having so much fun and making plays makes the old cheerleader in me come out! On the way home, he said to me "Mom, I think you are my biggest are a great cheerleader, I heard you all the way out on the field!" I just laughed and told him I was sorry if I embarrassed him. He said "Oh no, I like it!"
We had two proud Uncles join us today, both Grandmothers, and Popa.
Our team lost 35-0, but Steven played his heart out, and did a great job at his position. We just need to tighten up our offensive line. Go Bulldogs!

 The Coach chose Steven as one of our team captains. #27

        Here's the cheering section from today's game.
                   Steven and his teammate Brandon

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