Thursday, August 4, 2011

Charleston South Carolina

Mom and I took my two kids and my nephew on a trip to Patriots Point for the weekend. We visited the aircraft carrier Yorktown, and a retired Submarine! It was incredible how we just walked right on and did a self guided tour. We spent the entire day checking out all the memerobilia, airplanes, helicopters, and even hung out in "the situation room." Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to the day in the heat, but I was seriously impressed. Steven's favorite part of the day was seeing an F14 Tomcat. My favorite part was that they had a mock US Vietnam War Base with barracks and all. The kids imagined how my Dad must have felt living in those kinds of places. We all left that day feeling a bit more patriotic, as you just can't help getting the feeling of National pride and patriotism.

We also took a trip into downtown Charleston. It is my kind of place. The real shopping is found in the Historic District, and it had "girls trip" written ALL over it. The old buildings were beautiful, and the fact that they housed some of my favorite shops....GASP! It took all I had not to stop and take photos of them all. There will be another trip in my future, sans children .Maybe like November, when the leaves are changing.

We did drag the kids through an open air market on the way to a doll shop. The doll shop was really the only thing Amanda Lily looked forward to. We let her take her time while there. She chose some adorable outfits and dress up clothes for her American Girl doll.

Next post will be from our trip to Savannah, Georgia. Summer is winding down, so we've been trying our best to take advantage of our time.

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