Friday, May 3, 2013

Anderson Girls Trip

This Spring, my Mom and her sisters planned a weekend getaway for themselves and their daughters. I so enjoyed taking the time to go away with my Aunts and Cousins, and hope to make this an annual event. We stayed at an adult only resort in Madiera beach. Our days consisted of beach time, and we Anderson girls favorite past time, THRIFTING. We all LOVE's in our blood. We've been thrifting since way before it was "cool". In fact, some of my favorite pieces of furniture come from thrift shops.

In the evenings, we took turns in Mother/Daughter pairs, cooking a meal for the entire group. Mom and I made a large pot of lentil soup and tomato and feta salad. The dinnertime conversations were wonderful. It felt so good to catch up with them. I remember laughing until I cried at two different meals. My favorite meal that weekend was made by my cousin Debbie and Aunt Suzie. They made a delicious Shepperd's pie with mashed potato topping. I'll ask for the recipe, and maybe come back here to post it.

Aunt Sister sewed these bags for each of us. Mom filled them with goodies like sunscreen, lip balm, chocolates, and books.

This was where I spent most of my time with my cousins, while the older ladies relaxed in the shade at the pool.

I heart my Mom.

This is a shot of my crazy family. They are pretending to run down the beach like supermodels. We did a lot of laughing that weekend.

Aunt Sister. She's amazing. I just love her personality. She's sweet, but spicy too. Kind of like me. 

This is a wonderful group of ladies. I couldn't have had more fun, and can't wait to get the call for our next trip.

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