Saturday, May 11, 2013

Are we ever too old for an adventure?

Our friends Pam and Andrew invited George and I on an "adventurous" date. There is a beautiful canyon in the heart of Florida that offers ZIP LINING! Who knew? I'm a 4th generation Florida girl, and I've never heard of canyons and mountainous type land in Florida. This place is supposed to be flat. We learned from our zip line instructor that the "mountains" were made by blasts of dynamite back in the 60's. The place was beautiful! It felt like we were in North Carolina. We were apprehensive at first, but got the hang of it after a few zips. As we went along our tour, the zips got longer and higher. My favorite zip of all was over a lake. It was so peaceful. We really enjoyed ourselves that day, and hope to go again once the kids are both big enough to join us.

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