Saturday, May 25, 2013

Steven's Adventures in Airsoft

For Steven's 11th birthday, he chose to bring a few of his friends to an airsoft complex. We borrowed a friends large SUV, loaded it up, and made the 45 min drive. Afterwards, we brought the crew back to the restaurant for pizza and cake.

Here the kids are getting to know how everything works, and going over the rules of airsoft.

Christa was the only girl in the class who was interested in coming. She got in there with all those boys and didn't flinch. Steven said he was impressed and that she always had his back during the matches. I think there is a little "crush" action going on between these two. 

This is the "ready room" The kids get themselves locked and loaded here, and ready for battle.

Birthday Boy and his Dad. They are like me and mini.

After 4 hours of running around and sweating, these kiddos were hungry. 

The birthday boy somehow ended up with whipped cream in his face. Something tells me his Dad had something to do with this. He was a good sport about it though, and got a good laugh.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Steven. 

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