Saturday, May 18, 2013

Family and Friends at the Ballet

Our family is so blessed. We have many wonderful friends and family members who love and support us. These are the die hards, because believe it or not, many people do not enjoy sitting through a lengthy ballet performance! As much as I enjoy performing arts, regardless of it my children are involved, many people do not. GASP! However, whether they are fans or not, I do believe they each enjoyed themselves at this performance because of a certain dancer. And, they traveled from near and far to be in the audience for her. (We woke my Dad up during her scenes on stage. LOL.) One of these years, I am going to find the time to put together a proper thank you dinner for them. I always have good intentions of doing it, but by the time it rolls around, I do not have the time or energy to do so. Between the end of school parties, ballet performance and party, and both my kids birthday parties, all in a 3 week time period, I just can't ever seem to pull together a nice dinner to thank them for coming. However, check back, because one of these years, I am going to say No to everything/everyone else, and do it.

Amanda Lily's dance instructors
Final Curtain Call

Heather and Mia came, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them before they had to run, because her Mother was ill. This shot is of them supporting Amanda Lily at her Christmas performance.

Both Grace and Sophia danced in the performance on Saturday. They, along with their Moms both came back for the Sunday performance.

Dad and Steven

Amanda Lily's school teacher, Mrs Roberts and her husband came. She later told me how pleasantly surprised she was the the caliber of the performance.

Lydia. She's like Amanda Lily's teenage sister!

Cousin Vivi

Nana and Popa Bear

Dad orders a special bouquet of flowers for you every year. 

Everyone was so proud of you.

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