Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My life has been taken over. I should be used to it by now, but it seems we have a love/hate relationship. Ballet. I love that my daughter is a dancer. I love everything she learns from the art of dance, and I love how ambitious she is running after her goals. What I do not love is the time commitment it takes for her to succeed. Many times, I feel like we may as well have sleeping bags at the dance studio. Every free moment she has is spent there this time of year in particular, and she loves every second of it. 6 days a week, hours at a time, Saturdays too. Honestly, I shouldn't complain. I can think of many worse places for her to be spending all of her free time. Hmmmm. Come to think of it, aside from our home, I don't know of another place I'd rather her be. She's safe and happy there, and learning all sorts of life lessons, manners, and grace. Fast forward a few years, and I'll be overjoyed that she's spending every waking moment at the dance studio, right? This time of year is busiest because it is performance time. This year's performance will be Cinderella. I can't wait to see all of the hard work these beautiful girls put forth come together on stage. Here are a few rehearsal pictures.
In Studio Rehearsals

Performing Arts Center Rehearsals

Lastly, a few of my random favorites from this time of year.

A dancer's life for her.

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