Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This years performance was "Cinderella"....not like Disney's version, but along the same lines. The back story is the same, it's just a bit more sophisticated if you will. This was the first year that Amanda Lily performed in two scenes. Actually, she was in three, but you couldn't see her in one of them, so I'm not counting it.

These photos were taken during the dress rehearsal. Things were very cramped backstage. Lots of ladies in small spaces and tight hallways.

Here Amanda Lily is waiting behind the curtain for her turn on stage. She can't help but watch while waiting in the wings.

These next photos are all from during the actual performances. There were two, one Saturday and the other on Sunday, Mothers Day. She told me she danced that one for me. :)

In this scene, they are Russian princesses. This dance was a Character dance, that is, a traditional style of Russian dancing. It had a bit more spice to it that classical ballet, with a lot of intricate foot movement. The dancers really got the crowd going with their little sassy shoulder moves.

In her second scene on the stage, she danced her classical ballet. This was a beautiful dance, and I loved this costume. 

Amanda Lily learned a hard lesson this performance season. During class, she was given a special part doing her all time favorite pique turns. She worked and worked on perfecting them. However, as the choreography was coming together for the performance, it wasn't working out that she be the dancer doing the part. Her instructor tried several different ways of getting her into the correct placement, but it just wasn't working. Another dancer landed in that spot, and got to do the turns. Amanda Lily was upset, but was gracious when given the explanation. It made me so proud of her to see her rise above and learn to not let a disappointment get her down. She danced beautifully.

Here's the third scene she was in. At the last minute, the choreographer asked if Amanda Lily would ride in Cinderella's coach. She wanted the effect of the lights being lit up after the coach was already on stage. So, she needed a small person to hide in the coach and turn the switch on after it arrived in it's spot to pick up Cinderella. Amanda Lily was very excited that she got to be the "magic" behind the lights. She also loved it that Cinderella winked at her with the eye that no one in the audience could see as they rode off stage.

Congratulations to our girl. You have such a bright light. Always shine.


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