Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Greek Easter 2012

We celebrated Greek Easter this year out at the family farm. It was a great crowd, and we all polished up on our Greek dancing. The food was amazing. Stavro made his famous prime rib. Of course their was lamb and my personal favorite, pastitio.

Aunt Patra got a little toasted and decided we needed to break plates while we were dancing. It really cracked me up that my sister in law didn't miss a beat and immediately came over with the vacuum to clean it all up. We who were dancing just kept right on circling around her and the vacuum cleaner. Crazy Greeks...Ha!

We all challenged each other with red eggs, which is a Greek Easter tradition. One person challenges another to the contest with the words Christos Anesti (Christ is Risen). The challenged replies Alithos Anesti (Indeed he is Risen). Holding the pointed end, one person holds their egg as the other hits it with his or her egg. The eggs are then reversed and the game is repeated. The winner is the person whose egg remains uncracked.

This Easter season has been filled with memories. May we all be reminded of the great love Christ has for us and our families, and honor him in our own ways.

Greek Dancing....OPA!

Red Egg fun

Dave's egg was the winner!

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