Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lego Land Florida Field Trip

Our school's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades took a field trip to lego land. Being that both kids classes were going, George and I both decided to go as chaperones. The original idea was that George would go with Steven and his friends, and I would go with Amanda Lily and hers. However, once we got in the park, we all decided to hang as a family. I'm hoping this brother and sisterly love will continue throughout the years. We rode a couple rides and were just starting to enjoy the day when Amanda Lily started fading. She had not been feeling the greatest, but didn't want to miss the trip, but the heat was really getting to her. So unfortunately, she and George left early. Steven and I hooked up with his friends and did a few rides. His favorite ride was the one where you earn your airplane pilot license.
My favorite part of the day was the old Cypress Gardens. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Lego Land had kept up a large part of the old gardens. They were beautiful! Steven and I were standing at an unusual looking tree that had no leaves, only flowers. We were looking upward at the huge tree when it dropped one of it's beautiful flowers. Steven picked it up, and we examined it closer. It was one of the most unique flowers I've ever seen in person. And, the banyan trees looked like something out of the movies. We were waiting for an Ewok from Star Wars to come out of the trees at any moment!
I don't know that I would pay a full price admission to go back, but we all really did enjoy the day. It was fun doing something different, and being with school friends made it even better.

Amanda Lily's class 

Ford made of legos

The 3 of them beat two other families in a "rescue" competition.

Steven and his friends.

Kid powered tower. It moves up and down by using your muscles

Notice how the princess sits and Dad uses his muscles.

Coolest flower ever!

Banyan Trees

They dwarf Steven!

Boys being boys.

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