Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Navigator of the Seas

We had been counting down the days to our big Spring Break cruise on RCCL Navigator of the Seas. Steven literally reminded us every morning on the way to school of how many days until we sailed. It was sure worth the wait. Dan and Jessica came as well, and we had a wonderful time. Last year when we cruised it was just the adults, so we were looking forward to having the kids come along for a change.
These pictures are from the launch party. We were all so happy to be on vacation!

Uncle Dan and I are the line dancers of the family. This time we had a small recruit.

The ship itself was a beautiful vessel, and our waitstaff and stateroom attendant were awesome. The kids club was honestly not our favorite. Amanda Lily enjoyed the competitive games, but that was the highlight of it. They did have a huge game room on board where we all went and played air hockey. Aunt Jessica ended up being the  queen of that game. The kids really enjoyed the variety of games there.

Our waiter at dinner each night was Harry. He had a new magic trick for the kids each evening, and was so attentive. Family dinner became something we really looked forward to, because even if we had spent the day on separate excursions, we always came together at dinner. Dinner was always delicious. The food was excellent. The kids both tried new things, and particularly enjoyed the chilled soups.

Harry doing one of his famous magic tricks.

Harry and Amanda Lily on the last night.

Steven on our balcony..fabulous view when you are just waking up.

We enjoyed the pool on board.

On board ice skating rink!

Family fun dance party in the ship's disco. Amanda Lily showed her mad skills with a hoola hoop, and put all of us to shame. Then she rubbed it in by walking around the room with the hoola hoop still going, and her hands in the air in victory.


Uncle Dan falls victim to the professional hoola hooper!

Next victim....Dad.

Pirate night

The excursions were all enjoyable. Our favorite was no surprise. Once again, Malfini Beach took top honors from everyone in my family. Steven had the time of his life snorkeling, and Amanda Lily loved being buried in the sand by Uncle Dan and Aunt Jess. I was a bit disappointed by the murkiness of the water this time around. Maybe it was the time of day we were there, or maybe we just caught it when the ocean was cleaning itself.  Jessica said it had cleared up by the time she and Steven went snorkeling for a second time. My favorite spot on the planet is this little cliff that over looks the beach at Malfini. I thoroughly enjoyed just sitting there reading and feeling the tropical breeze. 

George took this of Amanda Lily and me snorkeling.

Steven exploring on his own.

Amanda Lily sips real coconut water. She didn't like the taste.

My cliff....big sigh.

The mermaid has no tail or legs!

Airplane Beach in St Maarten.... Steven saw a special report on this beach on Discovery Chanel. He was pumped to check out the sights, sounds, and way it feels to have a jet blast off and land within feet of him. I didn't get great pictures, but it was so cool.  We also found lots of pretty sea shells at a different beach in St Maarten that was closer to the ship.

Airplane making it's approach. They flew feet over our heads.

Clowning around in the ocean.

The snorkeling buddies return to land.

In St Kitts, we did a train trip around the island, on tracks that were formerly used to transport sugar cane. The tour guide was very informative and fun. It was a beautiful trip, and the view of the beaches and volcano from the train was phenomenal. 

San Juan came in a close second as my favorite port for several reasons, but there was a stand out. A quaint restaurant in the old downtown San Juan had the best skirt steak with rice and beans I've ever eaten. And, I'll never forget the Mojitos! It was the perfect meal. The architecture of this city was AMAZING. Everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful arches and colorful tiles. The main square had 100's of pigeons waiting for a handout. The kids were happy to throw seed to them and have the birds land on their arms. It kind of freaked Steven out, so he threw out all of his seeds at once. Amanda Lily loved it. She wasn't scared of the birds one bit and took her time trying to be sure everyone got in on the feast.

Check out that bird's wing span!

The Aqua Park in Labadee, Haiti was hysterical fun. We booked this excursion for the kids, but ended up laughing at ourselves as the "old people" we are. Climbing up blow up slides is one thing, but add the fact that we were in the ocean and wearing  life jackets is another. We were slipping and sliding all over the place, and having a hard time swimming and maneuvering in the life jackets. 

Uncle Dan on all fours crawling from trampoline while Amanda Lily laughs.

This trip was amazing. My hope is that the family time and fun we had will forever remain in our kids memories. 

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Anonymous said...

Guys, jess and I love being included in your blogs, it is realt cool to see your perspective on our interactions!
We live you guys and hope to create many more memories and blog entries!!
Uncle Dan!!!!!